The Association for Emergency and Disaster Managers was founded on the 13th January in 2011, by 8 founder members who graduated from Emergency and Disaster Management bachelor degree, Faculty of Health, the University of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart in city of Çanakkale. The founder members are, Galip USTA, Hüseyin KOÇAK, Hasan UÇAR, Ahmet GÜLSOY, Cüneyt ÇALIŞKAN, Yusuf UYAN and Gökhan KAPUSUZ.

Just after the foundation date, the association has started to make meeting, contact and correspondence to figure out degree and staff problem which is the first mission of the association. As a result of these meetings, with the view of council of higher education and considering medical lessons content in this degree, it is approved that the college graduates from Emergency and Disaster Management bachelor degree can use the degree name ‘Emergency and Disaster manager’.


Faculty of Health Sciences / College of Emergency and Disaster Management in the fields of taking educated to degree of professionalism of the professional organizations in the field of Emergency and Disaster Manager. Our association for the employment of graduates in Emergency and Disaster Health Services, the Turkish Red Crescent, AFAD, the Fire Department is conducting studies on employment in the private sector and NGOs working in related fields. Moreover, in the framework of undergraduate and postgraduate training activities to improve the professional quality of graduates in association courses, workshops, panel discussions, symposia, makes scientific events such as conferences.


E-Mail: info@eng.ayayder.org